Children of God

The Central Child Welfare Committee has prepared a five-year master plan for the welfare of street children in various parts of the country. The plan is intended to control the growing number of children who are forced to make streets their abode and to rehabilitate them. According to studies, hundreds of street children belong to families that were displaced during the Maoist insurgency. Moreover, a majority of these families live under abject conditions, which has left the children with no other choice but to fend for themselves. Many others have moved out of their homes due to lack of parental care and guidance.

Though numerous NGOs and INGOs have been working for the protection and welfare of children and their rights, the make-believe initiatives that have been taken to alleviate their plight have not made any remarkable impact. To make child welfare efforts successful, it is essential to identify the factors that compel them to abandon their families. In this regard, close co-operation between government agencies and child rights groups can play a crucial role in framing strategies to expedite social transformation, without which efforts made at rehabilitating street children would prove ineffective. It is equally important that the state, community and the respective families also extend their hand of co-operation to make the plan a success so that these children would have a bright future to look forward to.