Clean energy price

2016 was a successful year for clean energy. How will 2017 shape up? I make 5 predictions based on last year’s numbers and trends. My first prediction is that we will see solar energy prices plummet further. Last year brought astonishingly low tariffs for solar generation. This was a pleasant surprise. No one, including Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), saw it coming so fast. Solar prices at various government-led auctions hit extraordinarily low levels. Records were broken each month, especially in developing countries, as prices plunged making solar generation cheaper than coal in some countries. The first low result was in January to as low as $64 per MWh in India and later in the year to $29 per MWh in Chile and $24 per MWh in the United Arab Emirates.The price continues to fall. On 10 February, at an auction in India’s Madhya Pradesh state, the price for 750 MW was about $45 per MWh. This year, fossil fuels can expect even more competition. —