Clean-up Act

At a time when the Valley’s waste collection and disposal is being disrupted time and again on various pretexts, voices are rightly being raised from different sectors of society for immediate implementation of the Solid Waste Management Act 2064. For the Act’s implementation is expected to ensure proper disposal of garbage and curb ill effects of unmanaged waste. The Act’s proponents also point out that it would make local bodies concerned more responsible besides involving NGOs for greater efficiency in waste management process.

At present, the failure to identify the right roles of the stakeholders is seriously hampering solid waste management. There are disputes regarding which is the right party to collect waste, which is the right party to transport it and when applicable, to recycle the reusable products. And the bickering between dumping site locals none too pleased at their locality being inundated by garbage and the Kathmandu Metropolitan City desperate to dispose of the mountains of waste never seems to end. Hence the news that the Solid Waste Management Act is near to being finalised gives some hope that Valley residents will finally see an end to the waste crisis in the capital. Yet high expectations need to be tempered by the realisation that without proper implementation, passing of just another act will do little good. Only the collective will of all those concerned will help keep Kathmandu clean and green.