Cloud-cuckoo land

It seems as if nearly two decades of multiparty democracy, which didn’t particularly win our popular leaders many feathers on their caps, instruct us that democracy itself doesn’t do wonders. However, our officialdom, almost oblivious to the fact, still seems to dwell in the cloud-cuckoo land where they suppose things work out of their own accord. Take, for instance, almost every government offices in Achham, where the gazetted officers are substituted by kharidars, subbas and peons, who are neither fit nor eligible to handle the responsibilities. Ironically, even as Nepal is declared a republic, the officialdom does not seem ready to embrace the changes.

It is common practice in Nepali officialdom that most officers opt to stay in urban centres, or occupy positions that offer them lucrative opportunities, which are mostly illicit. On the other hand, if by chance, they happen to be stationed in remote places, they seem to have the absolute liberty of going on long official tours and training without having to worry about their official responsibilities, which nonetheless offer them the opportunity to avoid office drudgery and be entitled to additional allowances. This is a sheer misuse of taxpayers’ money which is plaguing the entire officialdom, not only in Achham. This system has to be changed; for a nation cannot be progressive unless it has a good administrative and judicial system to care of its citizens.