CREDOS : Act of kindness — III

When Doty was eight years old she paid me back every dollar spent for her care .In reality it was I who would end up owing her. My daughters Shelly and Tracey, with their two toddlers Alex and Damon, had just returned from shopping and had pulled into the driveway of Tracey’s house. Tracey immediately took her son from his car seat and opened the front door. Doty walked onto the front porch and watched as Shelly placed her son on the ground and reached into the car to get her purse. Before she could pick Alex up, an enormous Rottweiler came charging from the bushes alongside the house and ran straight for her little boy.

Within seconds, Doty attacked the dog, which was more than twice her size. Shelly grabbed her son and ran for the house. In the meantime Doty kept the Rottweiler’s attention on her. When she knew the baby was safe, she crawled under the car wherestayed there until the police and animal control arrived to pick up the stray dog.

Needless to say, Doty became our hero. If she hadn’t been there I would hate to think of what might have happened to my grandson. My small act of kindness eight years earlier had been repaid many times over in a few short minutes.

Doty lived to be 12 years old. Shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, she had to be put down to spare her any more suffering. But she left behind a family that will always love her like no other dog before or si nce. —