Laura Sheahen

In his most recent book, Deepak Chopra explores what’s on the other side of the veil that separates life and death. Laura Sheahen recently talked to Chopra about what will happen to him after he dies, how it is that people can talk to their pets with their minds, and how every moment in life has a lingering karma.

What do you believe will happen to you the moment you die?

I think I will enter a realm of pure consciousness, and I am hoping that my death will be as conscious as my life. And at that moment, I will be able to make the choices that I want about where I want to evolve and how I want to evolve as I make them now.

What sort of choices do you think there might be in the afterlife? What would you hope for?

More creativity, more insight, more understanding from relationship, more evolution, a period of incubation, and then a choice of whether I want to make this journey again.

What, to you, is the stro-ngest proof that we continue to exist after death?

One is near-death experience, and the second are the stories recounted by children who’ve experienced reincarnation. The third are the conscious death experiences of the bardo Tibetan rituals. And fourth are afterlife experiments where, through mediums, contact is made with a disembodied consciousness. Research from those who explore consciousness say it does not have a location. Being non-local, it cannot be created or destroyed.