The human mind has infinite capacity to justify and rationalise things. It also has an infinite capacity to confuse and complicate matters! It all depends upon how you want to think.

Positive thinking makes you see the brighter side, negative thinking leads to gloomy thoughts. Intellectual thinking is one where you see all the aspects and then take conscious decisions whereby you not only try to solve your problems, but also remain free from stress. Try to evaluate situations with intellect, not with emotions. Rationalise in a positive way, to suit yourself. Do not unnecessarily make yourself unhappy.

Another way to battle stress is through social support. Many of us have great hesitation in seeking social support. We feel shy in telling others that we have a problem and need help. We feel guilty in doing so, as if we are taking an obligation. To some extent, this is also due to the survival instinct. We feel that if we openly express our problems we will be vulnerable and exposed to all sorts of threats. Therefore, we try to keep our problems to ourselves, often till it is too late.

We must remember that we are social beings. While it is our duty to contribute our lot to society, it is also necessary that when we are in some problem we have the right to seek support from society. There is nothing wrong in seeking social support while we have a problem. However, you must be very clear that you are seeking moral, material or social support, but not sympathy. — The 4-Lane Expressway to Stress Management