CREDOS: Breath of life — IV

Allen Anderson

The night before we were to look at some yellow Lab puppies, I had a wonderful dream. Prana and I are walking on an ocean beachfront. It feels so wonderful to be with her again. Looking at her in this dream makes me feel better. She was such an important part of my life.

Suddenly, Prana jumps into the ocean’s surf and gently picks up a puppy by the skin of the neck.

She carries the little creature to me, gently placing the yellow and tan puppy at my feet. The pup is small, cute, and playful.

The next day Linda and I went to see a farmer who had Labrador retriever puppies. Once again, we were faced with choosing from a litter of adorable puppies. Suddenly, one of the pups came over to me and untied my shoelaces. I looked down and recognised her as the yellow-tan pup Prana had delivered to my feet in the dream the previous night. I knew that with this untied shoelace, Prana’s way of choosing us years ago, the pup was telling us that she would be our new companion. And she’d been personally chosen by Prana.

We named the dog Taylor, as a play on words, because her tail wagged so much it would make her fall over at times. The first few weeks Taylor was with us, she seemed to be following Prana’s instructions and doing whatever would be necessary to fit into the family. From these experiences with Prana, I learned that the spiritual, loving connections our beloved animal companions make with us never end.