CREDOS: Death trap — IV

Although the several relevant verses in the holy Quran does not help bring closure to me for my uncle’s death, it does give me a further reminder of the inevitability of my own death. It helps me to detach from my own self — if only a little — from the life of this world and turn my vision heavenwards. Hopefully I will not say to God — when it is too late — “If only Thou wouldst grant me a delay for a short while …”

I personally define myself by my faith and my profession and also how I try to lead a pious life, without harming any fellow being. So since I am a doctor by profession who has to face death almost on a daily basis while performing my duty, you would have figured out that I wouldn’t have been so taken aback by my uncle’s sudden death. And being a practising Muslim who tries to worship God as devoutly as possible, you would’ve thought that I had already known not to waste any chance to do good deeds on this earth.

But I am only a human being, and the frenetic business of living frequently causes me to forget these crucial realities, which are a part of life.

Ultimately, though, that is what death is for those who remain living: A reminder of what is to befall every human being. And although it still feels so strange and unreal for me to say this prayer for my uncle, I must say it anyway: “May God shower His unending love and

mercy upon my Uncle Mohammed’s soul. Amen.” — (Concluded)