CREDOS: Depression — II

The age-old formula for depression: Starts with a heartbreaking loss or failure or disappointment or frustration, which results in sorrow and anguish; and then add some negative emotions to complicate the whole problem.

Depression is sorrow and anguish that is combined with the negative emotions of anger, fear and guilt. What are some possible combinations of the depressive emotions?

Sorrow and anguish plus anger: An employee is in sorrow and anguish because he was fired from his job. Plus — he is angry at himself for acting as he did while still on the job. If he had only the sorrow without anger, he would not be depressed, only sorrowful.

Sorrow and anguish plus guilt: A mother is in deep sorrow and anguish because her teenage son is disrespectful and hateful toward her. But, in addition to her sorrow, she also feels deep pangs of guilt for the lavish attention and indulgence she gave him as an infant and preschooler, which formed the basis for his present arrogance and disdain.

Sorrow and anguish plus fear: Two lovers part. One of them is in intense sorrow over the loss, but is also afraid that future love relationships may all be short-lived because his character does not have the basic trust needed for a permanent intimate relationship.

To resolve the depression reverse the process, returning from depression to sorrow by resolving and removing the secondary partner-emotions guilt, anger and fear. — The Bright Side of Depression