CREDOS : Discontent — II

When I say multi-coloured, this truck had approximately 20 different colours on it. This truck had no idea what colour it wanted to be. It was used for the paint shop of the auto repair

facility where my dad worked and there are no words to describe the ugliness of this truck.

My dad walked out of the house and gave directions where the monster was to be released. Evidently my dad saw the disappointment in my face and told me that we had one year

to work on the truck and get it in tip-top shape. I was disgusted!

Through out the next year I would work on my truck every afternoon and every weekend. It took forever to remove all the paint. One year later, after many hours of labour, we hadn’t gotten to the painting stage but at least all the dents were straightened and running. The truck was a beautiful brown primer colour. The only way to get a shine on this truck was spray the primer with water and admire it before the water dried. The moment had

finally arrived. With great pride I slid the key in the ignition and to no avail, if didn’t start! Pounding the steering wheel in anger, I remember thinking, “This is NOT happening!”

Finally, my dad and I managed to get it running again and off I went for my first adventure in my “new” truck. After a quick stop to pick up a good friend, we were out on the town in the brown beast. I drove around for several hours and we started for home. —