CREDOS : Emotions — II

It is very necessary that you retain your emotional equilibrium. You have to make yourself emotionally strong so that you remain inured to external disturbances and do not get emotionally disturbed. If you were emotionally strong, your survival instinct would not take minor and petty breaches of paradigm as life-threatening situations. You have to get rid of fear and the sense of insecurity. In order to achieve this, you have to boost self-esteem.

We all carry a mental image of ourselves, and continuously evaluate ourselves according to that image. We feel nice and strong if that image looks good. The good image in our own eyes gives us a sense of self-respect. That is what we call self-esteem. Since this image depends upon our own activities and achievements, the better our achievements, the higher would be our self-esteem. When we fail to come up to our own expectations, it is this self-esteem that gets the biggest shock. We then consider ourselves inadequate and a failure.

This sort of feeling provokes the survival instinct to generate stress because the survival instinct classifies every signal in only two categories: those conducive to survival and those that are a threat to survival.

Self-esteem does not depend only on material achievements. It all depends on how we evaluate ourselves. Even if we are not in a position to achieve major things, minor activities or any good work done helps in improving the image that we carry about ourselves. — Stress Management (concluded)