CREDOS : False faces — V

This confirmed my suspicion that people will unconsciously imitate any behaviour as long as they see somebody else do it first. But seeing how easy it was to influence others didn’t prepare me for the stunning conclusion from this experiment. The unexpected eye-opener was that if I wanted others to change their behaviour, I had to first change mine. Why?

Because people can’t perform a new behaviour until someone first shows them what it looks like. Once they see how it’s done, they’ll automatically mimic this fresh conduct without question. “Imitate what you see” seems to be one of the laws of the unconscious. Finally, realise that no person or circumstance can stop you from experiencing this natural state. Your innate self is something you can enjoy in this life right here on earth. It’s a rediscovery of what you essentially are and not a rare occurrence reserved for a privileged few.

With patience and persistence, you’ll start realising who you are and, more importantly, what you’re not. Understand that you don’t need to start from anywhere than where you are right now and that no sincere effort on your part is ever wasted. Begin with the tho-ught that having just a little bit of light leads to more light. No one goes to a king and asks for a penny. Try applying this same principle to your inner life and make a bold request to experience your genuine nature from one end to the other.

Just dare a lot and you’ll get a lot. Wholeness guaranteed. — (Concluded)