I’m tired of the old idea of living today as if it were my last. What about the first day? There’s so much emphasis put on memories. The moments we remember, both good and bad, seem to make us who we are and influence how we react to the present.

I love to remember. I love to slip away from reality and go somewhere I’ve been, be with people I miss, and stay awhile there inside my yesterdays. It’s nice to remember, but dangerous to stay there too long. By doing so we often miss the “now” events that could one day be a treasure to return to. Today I thought about my favourite “firsts.” The first time I saw my children after they were born. The first time I tasted Kona coffee. The first time I heard Johnny Mathis sing. The first time I saw my wife, and the first time I saw an eagle fly.

I love the feeling of remembering, but oh, the thrill of the “first time” for anything. Instead of remembering, I thought how exciting it would be if I could experience the beauty of everything around me as if it were the first time. How thrilling it would be to see the sunrise... for the first time. Think about all that you value in your life and pretend that you could awaken tomorrow and experience them once more... for the first time.

Think about this. Imagine how exciting it would be to treat everyone you meet tomorrow like it was the first time. Oh, not pretending like they don’t know you and you don’t know them. But how about making a real effort to “see” them. — Beliefnet.com