CREDOS: Guardian Angel — II

Pause, then repeat the breathing exercise for as long as you like — five minutes can work wonders — then let it fade away. Continue the slow breathing in and out and open your mind, heart, and body to your Guardian Angel. It will come to rescue you and to provide peace and solace. No matter what your see or feel, stay relaxed and centered. Do not become emotional or try to force the experience. This is meditation; you are passive and are not doing anything, simply accepting the experience.

When the communication is over — and you will know it when it is — simply pray in any way you feel comfortable to the divine, thanking God (or however you see the divine) for this gift and experience and asking for a constantly growing awareness of the divine and of your Guardian Angel! It is important that you let go of your desires and worldly thoughts during this meditation so that it can be effective. When you are done, again see yourself surrounded by white light and see it disperse or fade into the Mother Earth. Slowly come back to the physical world and, before you forget, record your experiences in your journal so that you can record the progress.

Can you believe that only ten minutes have passed? Isn’t that amazing experience? This simple meditation will prepare you for connecting with your angel like nothing else. If you can manage to do this every day, you will gain remarkable results in just a week. The effects are cumulative, so persevere! —