CREDOS: Hanuman

Hanuman is a popular deity who is worshipped by all the Hindus. His story is found in Ramayana where he is the ubiquitous servant, the epitome of devoted service and loyalty. His search for the heroine Sita, captured by Ravana, illustrates his superhuman powers and zealous performance of the tasks that were given to him. Confident of his ability to find her he set off with his retinue of monkey followers to search the southern quarter of the world. By a prodigious leap he crossed the channel between India and Lanka and, magically changing his form several times, entered the formidable city in which he thought she was imprisoned.

After avoiding many guards, and making a number of fruitless attempts, he eventually discovered that she was confined in a nearby forest. Before releasing her, Hanuman attempted to punish Ravana for abducting Sita. Hanuman was captured and his tail set on fire, but, by his divine powers he escaped and used his tail to burn Lanka to the ground. He returned to Rama without Sita, and helped him in many miraculous ways to besiege Lanka; twice he flew to the Himalayas to collect healing grass and herbs for his companions , and for Laksmana; finally after the siege was over he was sent to Sita and begged her to return to Rama. After they had been reunited it was time for Hanuman and his monkey army to return to their forest home, but his wish to remain as Rama’s faithful servant was granted. — Hindu Gods and Goddesses