CREDOS: Honestly speaking

I have a 6’3” physically abusive husband who drinks heavily at times. When this occurs, it is best for me not to be anywhere around him.One night, I had a bad migraine and decided to go to bed early. I knew he was drinking heavily and I was worried about the consequences of falling asleep before him. I prayed for an angel to protect me before falling asleep.

I fell asleep pretty fast after that. I dreamed (and actually felt) someone standing next to my bed. When I looked, there was a very tall and large angel, with huge wings on his back. He was standing and holding my little dog and petting him. I asked him who he was and, without actually talking to me with his mouth, he said his name was Michael and that I could go back to sleep because I was safe. I slept peacefully the whole night and woke up feeling wonderful the next day.

I can honestly tell the world that Archangel Michael is real because I personally met him! — Tina P.


I believe that I met St. Michael in physical form back in December 1996. I was grocery shopping at a supermarket in Philadelphia and, upon exiting the store, rain started pouring. At the time, the supermarkets did not allow shoppers to remove the carts from the front of the store.

As I was exiting my car to get my groceries, a man dressed in a long coat and a hat helped me with the groceries. He asked me if I was a Catholic girl, and I replied that I was. He asked if I could do him a favor and say one Hail Mary for Michael. I said that I would. Afterwards, I looked for him, but I didn’t see him

again. When I got home, I immediately called a friend who loved angels and explained what had happened to me. She said the man was St. Michael and that I should show devotion to him. — Joanne B. (