CREDOS: I and You - I

For us, life is expressed in two distinct perceptions, in harmony with our two-dimensional perspective. Our perspective is two-dimensional in harmony with the two-dimensional nature of the language we speak, using basic words to express our nature. The first words do not come from no-where. They come from us. The first word pair is I—YOU. The other first pair of words is I—IT. Sometimes we say HE or SHE but we mean IT. I means two persons, not one. I who says I—YOU is not the same as I who says I—IT.

These word-pairs signify ‘no ‘ thing. They evoke Relationship when we speak them. They reveal awareness of Being. When you say YOU, you say. When you say IT you say I—IT. I—YOU comes from inside an aware Being. I—IT evokes an inanimate reality and not spoken by the whole being.

I does not exist alone. When you say —YOU or —T I is saying YOU or IT. I is also saying I. When you say -YOU you live in the words and take responsibility

for doing so.

We are more than what we do. Having purpose is not the only basis for action. I see something. I feel something. I sense something. This is not our whole life .This is the IT—World. YOU is a different reality from IT.

YOU is no thing. Where there is a thing there is another thing. .IT is limited and exists because IT forms boundaries with other ITs.

YOU is no thing. YOU exists as Relationship. We are not objects. Things, or objects, are not beings. “I “ experiences some thing. We experience things. Experience springs from our desire to know and comprehend the finite reality of Life.

I experiences IT. Thing by thing. Nothing changes. We become like locked compartments, manipulated by keys. We accumulate information. But the truth of our being is cloaked in secrecy.