CREDOS : Indomitable will — III

She bandaged knees and ankles before every game. She massaged necks and backs. She gave pep talks and encouraged her team mates to perform

better every time they erred. She was continually at their beck and call, and it turned out to be one of the best years for Garrett High School Football Team, in its twenty-five year history. There had never been a year when the High School team won such a remarkable victory against other teams. Often Jenny could be seen carrying a bucket of water in each hand, nearly dragging them, along with her pillow tucked under her arm.

When asked why he thought that the team was winning all their games, even in the face of injury, one linebacker explained, in his soft, Charleston drawl, “Well, when you’ve been knocked down, and you can’t seem to move, you look up and see Jenny Lewis, limping across the field, dragging her buckets and carrying her pillow. It makes anything the rest of us may suffer seem pretty insignificant. She has the indomitable will to encourage her team mates”

At the Senior Awards ceremony, Jenny received a number of scholarships to College of Charleston.

Her favourite scholarship, however, was a small one from the Charleston Women’s Club. The President of the Women’s Club listed Jenny’s accomplishments, starting with her grades, and ending with an excited, “...and the first girl to letter in football, in Garrett High School

history!!” —