CREDOS: Inner world — I

The five senses exert a great influence over the mind and occupy its attention most of the time. They are directed outwards, to the surrounding world, and the mind follows them. However, there are times when we disregard the outer world, and live in an inner world, usually some kind of world that the mind makes up. This is the world of daydreams and idle thinking.

I am not referring to the inner world of the mind, but to something beyond it. I am referring to a state of consciousness without thoughts, when one becomes conscious of his real being. This consciousness exists twenty-four hours a day without any interruption. Everything takes place, happens and arises within this consciousness. To understand and experience it we do not have to create it, travel anywhere or arrive somewhere.

There is no such thing as reaching or developing this consciousness. It is not an outside thing or state that one has to strive to reach. All we have to do in order to be aware of it is to silence the mind and its constant chatter. Some may manage to get a glimpse of the consciousness referred to; some get more than a glimpse.

It should be understood that it is not a state or a level to be reached, nor something supernatural. We are it. Without it we do not exist. The mind and its thoughts hide the inner world of consciousness. The outside world occupies the attention and does not let us dive in and experience our real and pure consciousness. —