CREDOS : Intolerance — II

First we had Ahmadinejad as independent scientist and historian. How do we know that the Holocaust happened if independent research is not allowed to be conducted? Then there was Ahmadinejad as champion of human rights. Of course he believes Israel must be terminated, but only because of what it has done to the poor Palestinians.

During the years of apartheid, South Africa was subject to comprehensive international sanctions for its disgraceful and sinful segregation of the country’s black population. It would have been unthinkable for President P W Botha, the last great symbol of the white apartheid regime, to be feted as an international celebrity in New York City. Had he been invited to lecture the world from the rostrum of the UN about the perils of the black menace in Africa, not only the African-American community but every other decent man and woman in America would have objected to his rancid presence. And yet, Ahmadinejad of Iran calls not for the isolation of the state of Israel, but its utter destruction, and is given Western rostrums from which he can spew his vile hatred. All this is done, of course, in the name of freedom of expression. The argument goes that the best way to change evil is to engage in a dialogue with it.

If only Ahmadinejad would be exposed to reason he might be won over.

But tolerating the intolerable is the liberalism of fools and gives a safe haven to evil in a world that is sorely embattled. — (Concluded)