CREDOS: Keys to success

All human beings want to have a successful life. But 90 per cent of the times, they can’t. Why does this happen? What are the factors responsible for these failures?

Do you also blame others for your incapability? The fact is that you are responsible for your own failures. And in order to escape this, one unnecessarily blames one’s luck, other people and circumstances.

Here are three keys to success. The first one is patience. Without patience one cannot succeed. “Those who are impatient are the most unsuccessful people,” says John Ruskin.

Our daily routine tests out patience, which in turn leads to depression. This upsets our relationships and restrictions. An ordinary person loses patience within seconds.

If you can remain calm for just 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll be successful.

Second, self-confidence is one of the most important secrets to success.

Due to unfavourable circumstances, people become victims of depression and tension.

A single negative response can transmit a string of negative feelings into our thinking.

Self-confidence freshens up our minds.

Lastly, it often happens that we don’t take initiatives — we either depend on others or leave it to our destiny. But if we make an effort, we can succeed in completing a majority of the tasks.

What others do in 10 years, we can do in six and achieve our goals. — Mind Management