CREDOS: Kostos’ wisdom - IV

Boyo, you got any idea how important you are to your parents? You even begin to know how much they love you, how much they worry about you?”I shook my head. “And you know somethin’ else? Wit’ all that hard time your daddy gives you, there’s only one thing that he really wants from you.”

He stared at me. I whispered: “What’s that?” “Respect. That’s all. Respect. Just that you listen to him. Listen to the advice he’s givin’ from all his years of experience, goin’ through all them hard times.” I was speechless. The fisherman gave me a few seconds to let it sink in. “You understand that, boy?” For a moment I was speechless. “But won’t he be mad at me for not following what he said?””He won’t have the chance if you don’t tell him until after you’ve gone ahead and done whatever it was you wanted. Right?” His psychology was boggling. It defied all logic...but somehow it made perfect sense.

“Listen,” he put his arm around my shoulders. “Your dad don’t want you doin’ exactly like he says. No more than I want my son to. He won’t have nothin’ to be proud of that way. Your dad just wants you to hear him out.” Those words I did hear. And they spelled a changing point in my life.

I realised that my father, like Kostos, was from the old school. There was nothing I could do to change him, change his need to advise me; yes, even to boss me. So even though we’d still fight, I’d always swallow my pride and to tell Dad I was sorry. —