CREDOS : Listening to life — II

Pamela Cook

Despite her family’s leanings, Nancy innately felt the “God voice” was available to everyone to hear and follow. Even when her friends dismissed her idea of knowing intuitively, she trusted what she was hearing within. Not long after college, Nancy started teaching others how to listen for divine guidance. By 2001, Nancy had spent more than 20 years honing her ability to listen. “I was deepening my confidence in divine Love,” she says. As a private coach and corporate consultant, she had shared this gift with many thousands. And she had proved it repeatedly in her own life. Often, when she veered from making decisions based on her intuition, her life went out of balance-sometimes she even became ill. Each time, she says, divine love gently pulled her back on track. When terrorists attacked the US on September 11, 2001, Nancy’s life turned in a new direction. “9/11 was transformative,” she recalls. Months earlier, a man who runs a local cable television station had approached her to do a show. After consulting divine Intelligence, she declined. “I put him off,” she says. “It didn’t seem right.” But after 9/11, she says, “I saw the media using the attacks to create more fear, and I had to respond. I had to do a show that would demonstrate that you don’t have to live in fear.” The result is called “The Listening Place-where we listen to life from the inside out.” Nancy’s show is her personal commitment to helping people learn from each other. “We each have a piece of the truth,” Nancy believes. So, Nancy listens. First and foremost, she listens for that inner voice she trusts — the voice of divine love. —, concluded