CREDOS: Lucky blanket — III

If you think about it, adults have favourite “blankets” too; an old nightshirt that’s full of holes or a car stranded in the garage that we swear we are going to fix someday. We would never admit that we have a favourite “blanket.” We would never want anyone to know that we have things in our lives that provide us comfort and we would have hard time doing without them.

So what will I do when Drew needs me to fix his blanket again? I’m not sure. I will have to cross that bridge when it comes. For now, though, I am going to enjoy the time I spend with him. I am going to share in his joy as he learns how to read.

I am going fill with pride when he tests for his next belt in Karate and I am going to hang up all the wonderful pictures he makes especially for me.

He will only be seven once and I want to relish all the exciting moments he will experience at this time in his life.

I kiss him goodnight and tell him to have happy dreams. Quietly, I thank God for giving me my son and for helping me realise just how special each day with him is.

I slip into my favorite nightshirt with all the holes in it, then grab my favourite quilt and a family photo album. I nestle into my favourite chair and arrange myself until I am at

maximum comfort.

With a big sigh, I open the album and begin reliving moments of the past seven years; many which include a little boy’s sleeping blanket. — (Concluded)