CREDOS : Making Golem — II

Arthur Goldwag

Depending on how you combine the vowels and which sequences you use, the entire process should take between 7-35 hours. The golem you have created will only be a mental image. But that doesn’t mean that he has to stay in your mind. You can project yourself into this mental construct and use it as a vehicle to ascend to astral realms or you can transfer it into the clay form that you mixed and bring it to life. If you don’t want to create a whole man, you can create just a single limb or organ, a useful tool in the practice of medicine. One of the best-known legends about a golem takes place in the late 1500s, when Rabbi Judah Loew created one to protect the Jews of Prague from a pogrom. When the creature went out of control, threatening to slaughter all of the gentiles in the city, the rabbi undid his magic. To this day the golem lies in the uppermost part of the synagogue of Prague, covered with cobwebs that have spun from wall to wall to encase the whole arcade so that it should be hidden from all human eyes, especially pregnant wives in the women’s section. No one is permitted to touch the cobwebs, for anyone who does so dies. Even the oldest congregants no longer remember the Golem. However, Zvi the Sage, the grandson of the Maharal, still deliberates whether it is proper to include the Golem in a minyan, or in a company for the saying of grace. —, concluded