CREDOS: Meditation — I

Tension is today the biggest killer. Between 85 to 90 per cent people visiting doctor’s clinic are there because of tension-related problems. People aren’t living relaxed lives anymore. Worse still, the key tensions in our lives are not within our control. It takes small moments of relief to keep tension from accumulating.

A conference of eminent physicians and representatives of pharmaceutical companies was held in London at the initiative of the WHO. The subject of the conference was ‘Tension: Causes and Result’. One of its most startling revelations was that tension craved out a niche for itself in the modern world as the most fatal disease. People of all ages suffer from tension in varying degrees. Every 12 out of 20 people suffer from high tension whereas the rest encounter normal tension.

According to modern medical science, a combination of factors like pollutants, imbalanced diet and lifestyle, and high aspiration have rendered the human mind restless thereby making the body perpetually ill. Our body constitutes about 20,000 million cells. Out of this, the brain alone constitutes 12,000 million cells; of which about 5,00,000 cells maintain inter-cellular relationships. All these cells cannot perform their required function if there is an imbalance caused by physical and mental unrest. But meditation increases the volume of breath intake and improves the blood circulation. It also enables all pathways in our body to be cleansed, thus tuning their function properly.