CREDOS: Mother’s love — II

Here was a mother trying to give her very breath to a child who could only breathe with a machine. Unceremoniously opening a bottle of sterile water, I placed a drop on the baby’s forehead and asked that God “bless this child in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

With that, the mother cried, took her daughter’s tiny hand and finding a spot that wasn’t wrapped, poked, or monitored, she placed a kiss in that tiny palm and whispered something into the curled-up fingers. Then, as if she had placed a thing of priceless value in her daughter’s grip for safekeeping, she closed it tight.

This mother’s love reminded me of the miraculous way in which God whispers his love into the hand of each of us when we are born, placing there a promise that, no matter what, he will never let us go. And having pledged that love to us from our first breath to our last, he wraps our fingers around that promise for safekeeping. I often talk about the depth of God’s love, but it took a mother’s heartfelt whisper into a tiny hand to remind me that God is always there to love me.

I’ll never know the exact words this young mother entrusted to her daughter’s grip. But in the coming weeks of miraculous procedures and risky surgeries, the real miracle that was witnessed by all was how this little girl never released the grip of her mother’s promise. Three months after her birth, she went home a healthy little girl. — (Concluded)