CREDOS : On my own — III

At the time, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a direct sales or party-plan business. I also didn’t realise that I had just given my first “home show.” Once I saw that I could make money selling my jewellery, I decided to invest $300 to buy materials and make a go of the business. Everyone discouraged me, including my husband John (who is now my biggest supporter)! They thought I was crazy to give up my great corporate job. But I had a vision and knew that I could make it work.

I recouped the initial $300 investment right away and sold over $8,000 worth of jewellery that first year. By trial and error, I developed a system on how to book shows and sell the jewellery. While still working at Mattel, I sold jewellery on the side for seven years and made over $86,000 that seventh year! This was the turning point; I had promised myself that if I was able to make half of my Mattel salary selling my jewellery, and was able to pay my mortgage, I would quit my job. I left the corporate world in April 1990.

During that time, John and I were trying to start a family. Five years had gone by, and I thought we might never be able to have kids. The summer after I left my job at Mattel, I learned I was pregnant with our son. In 1992, our daughter was born. While raising children, I continued to sell jewellery and give home shows during the days and evenings, and also on the weekends, but I soon realised that there were only so many hours in the day. —