CREDOS : Self discovery — II

At the time before falling asleep and losing consciousness, thoughts and identity are dropped away, and there is no consciousness of the ego and the environment. The same thing happens immediately upon waking up, before becoming conscious of the identity as body, feelings, thoughts and ego. This is a time of non-identification, when we just exist, not as this

or that, but just as Pure Existence.

This consciousness emerges when watching a beautiful sunset, or a beautiful painting for example. At a time when fear or worries drop down, you may experience this feeling again. When you are engrossed in some interesting absorbing activity you lose consciousness of yourself, but later when you think about it, you remember that you were aware of yourself but in a different way.

People are seeking some kind of external self, a higher I, a soul.There is no reason to spend time and energy seeking some illusory “something”.That will not lead one anywhere. All one has to do is remain quiet, calm the mind and experience and feel the quietude within.

We can develop the ability to be aware and feel our “sense of Being”. When we do not identify with, or get absorbed in our thoughts and ego, we live in awareness. These are lucid, real experiences for the people who manage to live in them. All we have to do is to open our eyes and enter the path to pure awareness, which is actually “Self-rediscovery”. — (Concluded)