CREDOS : Sikh master — III

Once when Guru Nanak came to the small town in West Punjab he choose to stay there with Lalo, a low caste carpenter. At the same time the wealthy local chief of the town, Malik Bhago, was holding a feast to which all holy men were invited. When Malik Bhago found out that Guru Nanak would not attend his feast but instead partook of the simple fare of his host

Lalo, he brought Guru for questioning.

When asked why he didn’t join in the feast, the Guru sent for the meal served by Malik Bhago and also some served by Lalo. Holding these in separate hands he squeezed them, blood appeared out of the rich food of Malik Bhago, while milk oozed out of Lalo’s.

Malik Bhago was put to shame and realised that his riches had been amassed by exploiting the poor, while what Lalo offered was the milk of hard earned honest work.

Several devotees would come to the Guru on a regular basis. One of them while on the way to see the Guru was lured by a prostitute. A few days later his friend was pricked by a thorn, while his neighbour, who visited the prostitute, found a gold coin in the street. Bewildered the devotee mentioned it to the Guru.

Guru replied, “Your friend was destined to come across a treasure but due to his evil ways, it has been reduced to a single coin.

While on account of your past karma you were to have been impaled with a stake, but having reformed yourself, you have been let off with the mere prick of a thorn.” —