CREDOS : Simple pleasures

I had worked long and hard on this home repair project. Knowing it was finally complete gave me great satisfaction. I hate painting. Staining the deck is very low on that list of things I should and need to do.

Like all things I put off, once they are complete, I stand proudly over them, beat my chest, and gloat over the accomplishment.

“Perfect!” I said. “Now, all I have to do is keep the dogs off of it.” I went about setting up barriers and directed the dogs out the back door so as to avoid footprints both on the oil paint and our carpet. It all seemed to have worked perfectly. Just before retreating to the house and to a much-needed shower that I had been longing for all day, I took one last look at this fine work of art, my masterpiece.

“What is that?” I said. “Where did that come from?” Clearly marked and evenly spaced across the entire area, I found tiny marks running in straight lines and inexplicably in

circles. Just then, off to my left, it appeared. The culprit! The menace of my masterpiece. A chipmunk.

My legs now cramped and my spirit crushed. Suddenly, I heard the leaves on the two tall trees nearby begin to rustle. I looked off to my left where at the urging of the wind, a small bunch of daisies had shown their beautiful faces, retreating on and off until a smile came to my face. I did build all of this to make my yard more beautiful. But I do count all of God’s creatures great and small who bring joy to my life simply by showing up. —