CREDOS: Socrates — IV

Socrates is considered to be the father of ethical or moral philosophy and developed a dialectic method of inquiry known as the Socratic Method. It was first introduced in writing by Plato in his Socratic Dialogues and its creation is widely attributed to Socrates himself. The Socratic Method is a means of questioning an individual or group to determine the basis of their opinions and beliefs. It starts of by searching for the underlying hypothesis or assumption that shapes the opinions and beliefs. It then takes this hypothesis and questions it to determine its consistency. This leads to the development of a better hypothesis by the elimination of ones that are faulty and contradictory.

The Socratic Method was developed by Socrates to question people and to get them to think over their beliefs and opinion. It can be used autonomously by a person to facilitate his

reasoning and thinking.

The method works by placing reasoning above the facts, i.e. correct reasoning is more important than correct facts.

However, this does not neglect the value of the fact itself. This method is used effectively by Plato in his dialogues to develop and bring out definitions that are implicit in a character’s stance or opinion. With it he attempts to define such things as the Good, Virtue, Love, Beauty,

and Justice. Aristotle later was to highly praise Socrates for this method which he calls the essence of the scientific method and thought. — concluded