CREDOS: Spirituality

The spiritual man is the one who has conquered fear, or rather understood fear. The spiritual man understands and accepts the inevitable, and tries to find joy in the system over which he has little control. He, thereby, uplifts himself from the restricting influences of the body, the intellect and the emotions.

In fact the yogi, the spiritual man, is beyond and cut off from all these factors that are limited by the fear of survival. Thus, a truly spiritual man can never be affected by the ill effects of negative stress. Without taking care of the body there is no way of being saved from the ill effects of stress. This is not said with any intention to belittle the role of spirituality. The spiritual transcends all the other paths and can even make them redundant, if followed with consistency. However, taking care of the body is most important because it is very difficult for an ordinary man to be a true yogi. To be a yogi requires a long period of training of the body and the mind. And it is even more difficult to remain a yogi, because it requires a constant control over the intellect. But the intellect is very fickle in nature. There are too many allurements and distractions in this world. There are so many stories in our mythology about austere yogis being lured by mundane things and losing their path.

Since trust, faith and outlook are basically intellectual decisions, it does not take long for a man to change his decisions and thereby his outlook and his faith.

— The 4-Lane Expressway to Stress Management