CREDOS : Spirituality - II

Ajay Shukla

We cannot go on reacting in bits and pieces indefinitely. We need to look at the larger picture,

the whole picture. We need to know the cause, the instruments, the purpose and the outcome

of action, and our own role in the process. This is called the holistic view of life. Philosophy means having a holistic view, having knowledge of the total picture. Philosophy entails establishment of a co-relation between the individual and the total picture. It is the philosophy of life that gives us stability, and a basis to study the stimulus, so that we react not just on the spur of the moment but in a more holistic way, keeping the total picture in mind. The philosophical or spiritual way of thinking is nothing else but keeping such a total picture in mind, so that the individual fragments of the total picture do not delude us. Philosophy establishes a relationship between the individual and the context of action, and thereby reveals the underlying meaning of the action. Philosophy gives us stability, aplomb and serenity. Spirituality is an attitude of looking at things, events, and our own position, with a long-term perspective within the total framework of the working of the system of the universe.

Whereas the body, the intellect and the emotions are based on the mechanism of the survival instinct, it is spirituality, the unique faculty of mankind, which is above any fear of survival. — Stress Management