CREDOS: Strength of love - I

My son, Preston, was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour in his optic nerve at the age of nine. Three years of experimental chemotherapy left him permanently blind and faced with the struggle of relearning his, almost estranged and bleak world. Blessings noted, blindness was his only challenge, and it changed out family forever. His sister, Lianna, was only six when she became his “eyes,” his helper, his teacher and his best friend.

Lianna Stacia was always a princess, not only in looks, as any mother would say, but in her sweet disposition, gentle voice, graceful moves and angelic charm. She was a quiet, unassuming child who willingly gave of herself in time and patience. Lianna loved her brother so much, I often worried she would sacrifice her own life, needs and desires to make sure his were fulfilled.

During Preston’s lengthy absences, teachers at school often asked her how Preston was. One day, Lianna came home with a frown and stomped around the house. “Every day, my teacher asks me how Preston is. Just for once, wouldn’t it be nice if she asked me how I was?” Yet, her devotion and attention to her brother never wavered. Live life more consciously by reaching out. The first sunny spring day after Preston’s blindness, he went outside for the first time in months. Still weak from the pressures of chemotherapy, he bundled up, but no longer bolted out the door and charged full speed down our road. —