CREDOS : Strength of love - III

Many nights, he tiptoed in, patted the covers with his hands and said, “Lianna, I love you.” What he really meant was, “Lianna, I can’t sleep. I’m having nightmares about the tumour growing.” “Lianna? Are you awake? I forgot to tell you what else I did...”

As his trusted confidante, she cuddled him beside her and listened. They laughed. She swore not to tell his secret fears. An innocent, empathetic soul rested within one whose life had also changed. The one, who say with, comforted, prayed for and read to her brother during the long three years of chemotherapy. The one who described every new sight in great detail so Preston could have the mental image. The one who was always there.

Trust is a huge word in out house. You need to trust in order to jump across large, round hay bales with your sister. “Okay Preston. The next one is about two feet straight ahead,” she’d say. And he’d follow. Lianna challenged Preston, encouraging him to try new things and to never, ever let blindness be a disability. When Preston got ready for school or an outing, Lianna became his fashion designer, his hairdresser and critic. In six years, Lianna never walked ahead without turning around to check for her brother.

Today, Preston is considered an inspiration for other blind youth. People are amazed by his accomplishments, maturity and concern for others. Standing quietly, behind the pedestal, is the strongest one of all: his sister. — (Concluded)