CREDOS: Tale of two rings — II

When Barbara Zabielski’s mother died, Barbara inherited her wedding ring. Eventually when Barbara’s own rings became too small for her, she began wearing her mother’s ring instead. One day she visited her doctor to get an injection in her hand, and she took off the ring while receiving the treatment. “I thought I put it in my pocket, but when I got home, it wasn’t there,” Barbara says. “I went back to the doctor’s office to check.” No luck. No one had seen the ring. Barbara searched her house inch by inch. The ring was certainly outside, probably lying in a parking lot or a sidewalk.

About two weeks later, Barbara was in the basement when she heard a noise. It was a bird, flying around the room! How had it gotten into her house and into the basement? “I tried to catch it, and then I called my husband,” Barbara says. “He was astonished, but we finally got the bird to go upstairs.”

Following it, they got to the first floor and realised that the bird had disappeared. Where had it gone?

Barbara began looking around. “I even started moving things, just in case the bird was caught somewhere,” she says. And when she moved the coffee table, there was her mother’s ring. “I had vacuumed right there earlier in the week,” Barbara says.

She is sure that the ring was not there then. Nor did she ever find the bird, but she believes that God’s little creature was actually her guardian angel. And why not? — (Concluded)