CREDOS : The greatest gift — II

Growing up an only child, she longed for siblings. When she gave birth to three daughters — separated by only four years — the fulfilment of her dream had only just begun. She had given us each a gift — our sisters — and she wanted to make sure we did not take that gift for granted. She would frequently tell us how lucky we were. But there were other, more subtle ways that she encouraged us to grow closer. She never showed favouritism to one daughter over the other, as not to cause jealousy or bitterness between sisters. She constantly took us places together — skating, shopping and swimming — so we developed common interests. And when we were teenagers, Mom punished us equally, giving us yet another bonding experience.

We didn’t always get along beautifully and fought just like any other siblings. But somewhere in between Mom’s lectures, the family vacations and the shared memories, we realised that our mother was right. Today I share things with my sisters that I do with no one else. My sister Cindy and I ran the New York City Marathon even holding hands when we crossed

the finish line. When my sister Karen got married, I was her maid of honour. Cindy and I travelled through Europe together and even shared an apartment for two years. The three of us trust each other with our greatest secrets. It was 23 years ago that my mother first asked me who my two best friends were. Today she doesn’t have to. She knows. — (Concluded)