CREDOS: The intellect — I

When we are under tension due to any problem, the worst thing that we can do is to continuously worry about the problem. This is most harmful. The dread of fearsome but imaginary consequences so completely overwhelms us that we are neither able to analyse the exact magnitude of the problem, nor take rational decisions to overcome it. We keep only thinking about the problem and not the solutions.

On the other hand, sometimes we begin avoiding the problem. We do not wait to face the problem, and so do not even want to think about it, as if by ignoring it we will be able to avoid it. We start denying the very existence of the problem. By constant autosuggestion, we succeed in convincing ourselves that the problem does not exist. Unfortunately, such self-denial does not help because we have the problem at the back of our mind and keep worrying about it subconsciously.

Since our thoughts in such situations have no proper direction, we remain vague about the problem and bereft of solutions. This not only adds to stress, but also affects our capability to deal with our problems.

What is required is that our thinking and outlook change from negative to positive. The most important fundamental purpose of the Lane of Intellect in stress management is to: Shift your focus from problems to solutions. The path is to be followed by the way of doing an intellectual exercise. Do this by writing various steps on paper.

— The 4-Lane Expressway to Stress Management