Cycling to stay healthy

Today, the world is swamped by excessive weight, obesity and health conditions such as heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes, indicating that we are falling behind in doing the right things by our bodies. Actually, heart disease is the leading killer of men and women in Europe, the United States and most industrialized countries.

Though watching the small screen is harmful to an individual if it persists for more than six hours, watching the TV continuously for several hours has been in vogue in many countries. Actually, during the time of watching the TV, our mind is so preoccupied that any disturbance with a remote control is just about the only exercise that we get.

Moreover, the growing interest of the people in snacking on foodstuff and sipping cold drinks add extra calories and fat to our bodies.

Nowadays, due to sedentary lifestyle, many urban dwellers are at the risk of developing obesity and heart attack. This is why cardiac patients visiting hospitals are increasing in many cities. To check this growing trend, cycling is of paramount importance.

In fact, cycling helps decrease the burning of fossil fuel which is a non-renewable energy source. It provides people the necessary exercise to help them stay healthy by shedding extra fat apart from helping alleviate problems such as anxiety and insomnia.

Cycling brings a remedy for noise pollution, emanating from the constant honking of vehicles. It can also help reduce the number of accidents which are increasing in many cities.

In many countries, especially in developing and least developed ones, there are narrow roads and no separate roads for cycling. Consequently, riding a bicycle is not safe but fraught with danger in these countries.

Also, there is a lack of respect on the part of large vehicles drivers towards the cyclists that makes cycle riding and unpleasant experience.

Cities such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen in the Europe are flooded with bicycles. The cyclists there have separate lanes and can enjoy respect from other vehicles drivers. As in the above-mentioned two cities, it is imperative to encourage cycling in other cities of the world.

For this the governments of respective countries should take initiative in making their cities cycle friendly. Moreover, the urban people should realize that cycling is beneficial to them to stay healthy.