Decoding the fashion mantra

Youngsters in Nepal are increasingly growing fashion-conscious and stylish. They keep a close eye on the latest garbs or accessories hitting the market. While the younger lot moves around in style, the slightly older lot i.e. middle aged men and women seem removed from the fashion and glamour circuit. Some even claim that it’s not their cup of tea.

Fashion doesn’t necessarily

suggest donning revealing expensive western outfits. A person can look equally fashionable in a simple and

inexpensive attire, too, provided

the person carries it off with grace

and panache.

It’s about wearing the clothes, make-up and accessories that compliment one’s personality. People should wear outfits that match their body. It’s also about experimenting with colours, textures, and designs.

In the context of Nepal, when it comes to colour, red seems to rule the wardrobe of the women. Whether it’s Teej or any other occasion, almost all the middle-aged women are seen draped in red saris to get going— as if it’s the only colour in the world.

Besides that, a majority of married women only stick to sari and salwar kameez after marriage. Meanwhile, middle -aged men don’t score high on fashion and style meter either as they tend to pay less attention to their wardrobe and are often repetitive and non- experimental.

Its high time middle-aged people acted more progressive and broke

off the stereotypical dressing sense.

If needed, they could even take

cue from their children. Instead of falling into a routine and dull sense of dressing, why not try something different and funky?

For instance, why not surprise your spouse and loved ones with a brand new stylish haircut or a sassy outfit. Compliments galore guaranteed. If not for the way you look after your make-over then definitely for your sheer guts and gumption to look different. You shall be applauded for one reason or the other.

Being fashionable and stylish should not be restricted to a certain age-group. Each one of us has the right to look and feel beautiful irrespective of the age or gender. So all you ladies and gentlemen out there, how about trying something new and stylish rather than sticking to the mundane routine stuff?