This is a dedication of sorts to those friends and family members that made the 7000 mile journey to Japan. Not only did our visitors provide a break in the monotony that comes with living overseas, but they provided just the catalyst we needed to get out and see Japan.

They started arriving in March with Susan and Todd. Next up were Mo’s parents who came for 10 glorious days. Gene and Ginna received all original treks. What we will remember about their trip here: Gene drinking out of the cup cleansing at the shrine, Ginna busting out a 3 mile hike in Kamakura after visiting the Big Buddha. Next up came Patty, and with her, the rain. Bill and Melissa arrived in mid-May. We went to Tsukiji Fish Market and drank sake and ate sushi at 7:00 a.m. Frank discovered that you can run up quite a bar tab if you get a little loose in Roppongi. Jimmy arrived in time to climb Mt. Fuji with me. Finally, my drinking buddy and Mo’s

best friend, Amanda came over. —