Demands make sense

About a thousand students enrolled for the intermediate studies in dental sciences with the Centre for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), have locked horns with the management for the last several months. The students’ major demands include being allowed to pursue Bachelor in Dental Science studies after the certificate level and practice as private dentists. Reportedly, certificate level degrees obtained by dental science students of CTEVT are not recognised by the Nepal Dental Assocoation (NDA) preventing them from further academic or professional opportunities. The protracted conflict between CTEVT management and students has brought all the related academic activities to a standstill putting the students’ progress in a limbo.

Apparently, the students’ demands seem reasonable in that there has to be a reward for the three rigorous years that they expend to study dental science. There is no point in spending so much money to run the institution if the quality of education at CTEVT does not match acceptable standards. Students graduating from CTEVT must be eligible for every opportunity that students from other institutions do. The CTEVT needs to address the reasonable demands of the students urgently. Also, the government ought to open up vacancies for such CTEVT graduates in hospitals and health posts, especially in the rural areas where medical staff has always been in short supply.