I’m always surprised by people who say they’re not afraid to die. Most are usually quick to point out they are afraid to die painfully-but not of the idea of no longer being alive. I continue to be mystified not only by this answer but by the number of people who give it. Though I can imagine there are indeed people who, because of their age, character, or religious beliefs, truly do feel this way, I’ve always wondered if that answer hides a denial so deeply seated it cannot be faced by most.
I love being here and don’t want to leave. I’ve always spoken openly of my fear of death to anyone who’s ever asked, but I’ve rarely experienced moments where I actually felt afraid. Whenever I’ve tried wrapping my mind around the concept of my own demise-truly envisioned the world continuing on without me, the essence of what I am utterly
gone forever-I’ve unearthed a fear so overwhelming
my mind has been turned aside. — psychologytoday.com