Distance education

Distance learning is the semi-academic process of getting knowledge and certificates. Unlike conventional education method, in this mode of education, students and teachers do not come face to face on a regular basis. They rather discuss topics over internet. This mode of teaching and learning provides students an opportunity to acquire quality education from top class institutions while not being physically present for the lectures.

Distance learning is the easiest and the most convenient way of learning. Students can learn any available subject at their best available time without attending university classes. They just do it from their laptops—they just need internet. Students can choose from a vast array of such distance learning institutes. Some of them are edx.org, futurelearn.com, University of the People. Some of them provide free tutorials while charging for certificates, whereas some of them charge for both tutorials and certificates.

In this learning technique many students (including professionals) looking for further qualification can join the course they like and can read it at their suitable time. This makes them use their leisure time to achieve a degree. These degrees can be used to make their resume stout and even to display their affinity and interest. It may help them to get good jobs too.

Many housewives, working professionals, part time workers and students who are far from the university have joined this mode of education. This has been helping students not only in getting certificates but also making them confident and expert in their field of interest. Those who want to learn but have no time to attend routine lectures can join these courses.

Education is the most important requirement in today’s world. However, those who want to join such distance learning classes have to invest extra time before getting enrolled. Piracy and bogus student’s profile can sometimes make aspirants confused.

It is very necessary to conduct a thorough verification of institutions before joining classes with the distance learning institutes. It is always advised to check the profile and past history of the distance learning institutes. Verification of students’ biometrics—such as finger prints—and matching them with the government issued identification such as passport or citizenship might be a good idea.