Don’t sacrifice quality of education on altar of posh infrastructure

Infrastructure and quality education are like the two sides of a coin in the present context where technology has made such advancements. But together with infrastructure, good teaching-learning environment, skilled teachers, and strong administration are some other things that enhance quality education. However, infrastructure play vital role to help impart quality education. Nowadays, multimedia teaching methods and practical observation are popular and effective especially among college students. It is one of the reasons students first check out the infrastructure. Infrastructure are even more important if the students choose to study in the Science faculty as laboratory equipment, computers, multimedia and library are a must. Further transportation facility help students escape from frequent bandhs and traffic jams which have ruled our roads..

— Binita Khadka, Khwopa College

n Education is the base on which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is expanded so that one can stand on one’s own feet. Quality education can be achieved if only there is a harmonious combination of curriculum, academic environment, role of parents and teachers as well as infrastructure of the colleges. Any academic institution should meet the necessities of students in the process of imparting quality education. This is the reason I think that an institution’s infrastructure plays a very significant role in quality education. If students are not provided with the basic structures and facilities such as buildings, water, electricity and administrative system, we cannot imagine the quality in education nor can we instill a sense of responsibility and importance of hard work in our students. So, it is physical infrastructure that helps them to enjoy peaceful and congenial academic atmosphere imperative to advance their studies.

— Mahendra Karki, Tahachal

n In pursuit of better college, it’s really difficult for students to find better colleges as every college emerges with a claim to impart quality education. Though physical infrastructure describes the external outlook of a college to some extent, it does not really determine the quality of education that the college provides. The colleges’ past records, performances in intra-college activities and extra-curricular activities matter a lot and these elements can be taken as tools to evaluate the colleges’ potentiality in providing quality education. I have the opinion that institutions’ infrastructure may advance students studies but it’s not a yardstick to measure whether colleges with good infrastructure provide quality education. The qualification and experience of teachers, environment conducive for study, lab and library facilities, teachers’ attitude and teaching methodology best determine the quality education that students receive. It’s a fact that colleges that invest hugely in physical infrastructure must have commitment to provide quality education..

— Mallicka Shrestha, Vanasthali

n Life seems to have taken the garb of so much commercialisation and materialism with the motive of making quick money, people have started presuming that anything presented with impressive looks would work and ensure quick dividends. But this is simply a delusional psyche of some people driven with commercialisation of educational sector for monetary gains. I think colleges should give utmost importance to systematic and competitive way of rendering excellent academic education on par with challenging times and above all coupled with moral education, whereby students would benefit scholastically. Colleges as such will also mould them ingraining the highest values and qualities of human civilisation and make them a complete enlightened person. For this, college environment must be such that students should experience a learning quality education. In addition, teachers should have good academic pedigree with excellent experience in their respective faculties. The infrastructure set-up should be up to acceptable level with basic amenities like water, electricity, spacious room, library, laboratory, playground. It does not have to be sleek and glitzy. The students go to college to acquire knowledge in an amicable atmosphere and not to a glitzy place for showy business.

— Sanjeev Lama

n I believe an institution’s infrastructure is very important since no one will go to a college where there are no experienced and understanding teachers, well-equipped classrooms and other necessary physical facilities. Back in school, when my teachers used new tools to make us understand our lessons or organised a science practical, the bored class used to get charged with enthusiasm. I could feel the exhilaration, the willingness to learn within myself. The concepts used to get clear as we used to test things that we read practically. It increased an enthusiasm for learning. So the colleges should emphasise on learning in a practical way and infrastructure helps a lot. It adds to learning with fun. Nothing could be more boring than being confined to lectures and notes all the time. So, infrastructure support quality education.

— Khushbu, Lagankhel

n With rapid progress in technology, colleges have started to advertise showing off their palace-like buildings and modern technical equipment. Even though physical infrastructure plays a vital role in the quality of education, other important factors such as the teachers’ ability to explain and the studying atmosphere cannot be undermined. Infrastructure alone cannot guarantee quality of education. The question is not how much the college is well equipped, but how well the technical instruments are being used. Of course, the importance of infrastructure depends on the intensity and nature of studies. Engineering colleges must be well equipped with virtual libraries, computers and enough practical materials. In the same way, colleges must have well-built classrooms for the convenience of studying and teaching. One even cannot imagine a modern college without a variety of sports and arts for which enough playground and space is required.

— Cool Cristofer,


n For an educational institution infrastructure plays a vital role in order to generate trust amongst students and parents. But ample space, modern building and well-furnished classrooms are not always important to deliver quality education. It is teacher’s dedication, knowledge and interest that is more important than any other factor to give quality education. Be it a small room or a sophisticated well furnished classroom, the importance should be given to provide knowledge and strength to cope in this competitive world where the theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’ applies. Hence, proper education system is more important than anything else for an educational institution. So, I suggest every educational institution to emphasise on education in fact quality education rather than spending on infrastructure and adverts, which are of secondary importance.

— Bhaskar Adhikari, Gongabu, Kathamandu

n Adequate physical infrastructure is the necessity to be fulfilled by any quality education provider. In the context of Nepal, prioritising physical infrastructure rather than good quality education sounds like boat without an oar. It is creating confusion among students and guardians. It would be better if the institutions provided clear information about the courses and its future pathways.

— Sudeep Shrestha

n Teachers who are able to understand the students’ need and are able to make the student understand the subject play an important role. It is in the hands of the teachers to shape a child’s future and to project the true potential of the student. But apart from the teachers, the infrastructure of an institution is equally essential. The institution must be able to provide healthy, peaceful learning environment where the students are able to concentrate fully and get the most out of the classroom lectures. As a science student in +2, I feel that the laboratory equipment, library are important for gaining proper knowledge. Also sanitation facilities and recreational environment are important. So these things are to be kept in mind by the institutions and can be a good way of attracting student through advertisements, if not exaggerated. But some luxurious things like CCTV cameras in classrooms or the examination halls are quite unnecessary as far as the institution is able to provide moral values to their students.

— Abhilasha Bhuju

n Infrastructure indirectly helps to get quality education. A good college always possess good infrastructure. From the viewpoint of getting quality education, a college needs infrastructure like computers, library and other laboratory facilities. Moreover a well-managed college is always able to attract students.

— Suresh Jaiswal, LBEF

n Infrastructure is just a secondary means to be added in but the foremost factor to be prioritised is educational expertise. Most educational institutions have been promoting themselves through their physical infrastructure rather than quality education. We have been observing marketing efforts by colleges to grab students. Such methods will not help attain quality education and it will ultimately hamper the educational institution.

— Mahesh Sharma