Dreamers and goal setters

There are people who are dreamers; and there are others who are goal setters. Have you ever given a thought about yourself as to which category you belong to? Let’s try to talk about “dreamers” and “goal setters”.

Some people are dreamers but with no action plan. They can also be described as “relaxed” people. It is rightly said that “a goal without a plan is just a mere wish”. Dreaming is good, but if there is no plan for execution, it is as good as not dreaming at all.

Dreamers without any plan of action are often afraid of failure, for they lack confidence. They tend to take life as it comes and fail to achieve big in life though they may sound so cool when it comes to sharing what their dream in life is.

But some dreamers do come up with an action plan. But their action plan is neither well thought-out nor meticulous. Such individuals can be described as “confused and distracted” people.

As a matter of fact those with dreams to achieve something with little action plan often are happy in their “comfort zone”. These dreamers sound very visionary; they are even very good at giving advices. But since they lack a concrete plan, they are a confused lot when it comes to finding a starting point. During conversation, however, they may sound very promising. But the lack of patience and the desire to have quick results often force them to lag behind.

And there are dreamers who work pretty hard on their plan. These dreamers possess positive attitude with the potential to become successful people. These people understand “Law of Attraction” very well. A key component of “Law of Attraction” is our understanding that where we place our focus can have immense impact on what happens to us.

Dreamers with a good plan often succeed in life because they know where to put their focus on and how to go about when it comes to achieving the goals they have set.

These people are highly motivated and their positive attitude often rubs off on their colleagues, family members and friends.

Dreamers with a good plan are actually goal setters. Such people usually start small. They learn from mistakes and use them to maximise their strengths.

So, just being a dreamer is no good. We need a proper plan if we want to our dreams to materialise, and for that we have to work hard with dedication.