Drug of desire

In the latest development in the field of ayurvedic medicine in Nepal, the Singhadurbar Baidya Khana Development Committee (SDBKDC) will start churning out medicines containing the traditional herb of yarchagumba beginning next September. Yarchagumba is a type of lichen found in the sub-alpine region, particularly high hills of Jumla and Dolpa districts. When mixed with other natural medicines and herbs, it is believed to be highly effective in treating impotence and sexual dysfunction by increasing sperm count and boosting blood production. The herb is also beneficial for gonads, lung and kidneys.

Sadly, Nepal has been far behind China in realising the real potentiality of yarchagumba where it is used to cure a range of diseases like excessive tiredness, chronic cough, asthma, impotence, debility, anaemia as well as to build bone marrow and reduce excess phlegm. It is a matter of pure speculation how many other rare plants found in the great mountains of Nepal have medicinal value. If there are other plants out there (and the possibility is high) endowded with curative powers, the country could derive huge benefits through more experiments and studies on their usefulness. In the event of a lucky strike, Nepal would not only make a significant contribution towards ensuring greater health and wellbeing of mankind but also boost its weak economy .