Early marriage

A girl dreams to be a smart lady but her family thinks otherwise. The fact remains that there are problems to be faced if one gets into matrimony too quickly. The burdensome responsibility to take over at a very young age hinders those girls who dream to rule their own world. Early marriage is a truly global problem that cuts across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities. A research shows that if there is no reduction in child marriage and the global number of women married as children will reach 1.2 billion by 2050. The South Asian region – India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal - dominates the list in terms of the highest number of child marriages.

The bitter fact is that the “modern” family forgets the fact that their daughter is not mature enough to tie the knot and needs to accept the truth that the world is governed by age when you want to take a driver’s license, join the military and even the Facebook.

The turmoil exists when the son born in the same family is free to pursue his dream and the daughter is emotionally sanctioned to bear early tensions when her family decides on her marriage. Those young change makers who aspire to inspire are lagging behind in no matter which country it is. About 50% of the women who are pregnant in their teens only complete their high school education in USA whereas 90% women complete it who never got pregnant in their teens.

To fulfill their dream women should be in charge of what they want to be. Work opportunities are limited for youngsters. Marriage somewhat restricts education levels of women who ultimately end up with menial jobs which are often not well paid. Rushing into marriage will not pay off, instead it brings problems later on in life.

The question pops up in the society and family about when a girl is going to marry so much so that they forget the academic and professional pursuits of women. It’s time for society as a whole to re-evaluate what aspect of women’s lives we put the most value on. Those women who are entrepreneurs in rural Africa, teachers in inner India, doctors in populated Bangladesh, writers in sophisticated Nepal, pilots in the Middle East are endlessly working to climb up the corporate ladder. Women are changing the world with innovation.

A lady writer once said, “You don’t have to have a brain, drive or special skill set to get married. You just have to have a willing partner”.